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portable cell phone jammer use tip
Posted by shiwei shiwei
Posted December 14, 2017 | 0 favorites
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Description GPS positioning and navigation of the vehicle installation, party or secret key position: need to prevent tracking, GPS jammers prevent individual personal shielding concrete mixing GPS orbit, our own intellectual property rights (ipr) electromagnetic wave suppression method, and it is in the information developed, through detailed analysis of communication mechanism, comprehensive comparison, our handheld/portable cell phone jammer, jammers Thank you for your interest in our scientific research personnel will use the latest high-tech security products, it can form an effective electromagnetic protection field around you prevent call leak, eliminate on the phone and called for the use of WiFi interference noise and pollution. After work, the car parked in units, open the GPS jammer, driven unit location management platform, in the unit at the back of the car, therefore, the car has a fixed shows, but postpone the equipment. It has stopped at the unit monitoring platform to show you your car. Special characters handheld GPS satellite signal shielding device, radio prevent are some of the secret to an individual unit, which has been designed based on satellite positioning the current diffusion plant and special inconvenience. In 10 to 30 meters radius is all the GPS satellite positioning system of the current characteristics of GPS satellite signal to generate effective use of this product, then cut to form effective reserve, so please don't worry about your whereabouts, in order to track.
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