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Here’s a random photo of me since my phone won’t allow me to make a basic post. I need advice...I’ve been at the same restaurant for almost 4 years now. I’m a closer and we tip share there. The closers count and pay out tips according to each individuals time for that shift .keep in mind that I’ve never stolen a dime from anyone in my life. My coworkers are my family. Even when I was pregnant and customers gave me an extra tip for the baby, it ALWAYS went straight to our “money pot.”So here’s where I need advice: I have a new coworker (young kid with a bad attitude) who keeps questioning me as if I’m stealing money. I keep it professional and explain what I’m doing every time she has doubts about my money handling. But yo, I’m getting fed up. I understand that she wants to make sure her money ain’t getting fucked with and that’s her right since we all split tips. But y’all I’m about to lose my shit with this kid. I’m about to tell her how I feel and I know major drama will come from that.What would y’all do in this situation?? Show more